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10-07-2006, 18:12
I succumb to thee, my Succubus,
Hear my diabolical prayer,
Temptress of mortals, be my eternal soul-slayer,
For I, misled by the shine
Of all heavenly, celestial, now shall lie
Amongst all blessed to be praised
in the dark tranquility of darkness...
Divinity, oblivion awaits the ones forgotten,
As we, upon our exile rotten,
Will search for salvation,
For Our new reincarnation...
....Antichrist, led by faith of steel and blood....

Amongst the living creatures immense pain we shall bring,
In the Damned and Cursed name of our king,
Malice, wrath, unleash it....
Malice, wrath, unleashed...
Hear the sound of the vicious thunder
Become one with all in the land Under...

And now, my prayer is to an end,
Bring me forth, countess of this damned land,
Revive me,Enchant me,as I swear
Damnation in me I shalt bear,
Thus I shall come, to war
Against all faithful ones....