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03-31-2008, 11:56
така значи за утре имаме за домашно да напишем съчинение за любимия ни филм и аз написах ама е пълно с мноооого грешки и ако може някои който добре разбира английски да ми го поправи.мерси предварително :)

I have very favourite films,but only one strong was impressed me.He's name is Trade.This is film tells real history about modern slavery.About this how young womens risen victim of trafiick of people mays treats such sexual objects and human's right's are downtrodden.Showa us how tolls are near to us and even think more scareful.How participans in the entire organization also can be our neighbour,doctor or the teacher of our childrens.
Adriana is 13 years ols girl from Mexico City and may abstract of gunrunners to childrens.Her 17 yearly brother Djordj start to dispirit mission to rescue her.Caught in the almighty underground net,Adriana remain alone among the terror,only Veronika,young pole,caught in the same net appliance her through sympathetic and support.In the searching and breaking to the organization comes in and the texas policeman Ray,which family die for the sake of these gunrunners.He is ready to sacifice him life for retrieve to the childrens degradeds in this big misfortune.Ray and Djordj leave all manner of caution and do desperate attempt to save Adriana befor she be sold and inglorious vanished in the enormous international criminal net.

03-31-2008, 13:00
Лол...наистина има доста грешчици..май незнаеш доста правила в английския език :smt011 Опитах се да го редактирам, обаче просто не съм гледала филма и за т'ва нищо не се разбира...стигнах само до тук и на там пълна мъгла:

I have a lot of favourite films, but only one really impressed me.Its title is 'Trade'.In this movie are told true stories about modern slavery. :-o

Може би ще е по-лесно да го напишеш на бг :)

03-31-2008, 13:11
Ти да не си използвала webtrance за да си го преведеш ? :D :D По принцип тази програма прави такива фрапиращи грешки.Има някои неща,които направо не се разбират. Наистина по-добре го напиши на български и вече ще помагаме.

03-31-2008, 13:14
I have a lot of favourite films, but only one really impressed me. It's caled "Trade". This film tells a real story of modern slavery. It's a bout how young women became victim of traffic of people They were treated as sexual objects and human rights were downtrodden. The film shows that the victims are among us (че жертвите са сред нас, ако това си искал да кажеш. Края на изречението не го разбрах изобщо). And aloso how people, taking part in the entire organization can be our neighbours, doctors, or even theachers of our children.
Adriana is 13 years old girl from Mexico City may be taken by the gun-runners. Her 17 years old brother George starts a desperet mission to save her. Copught in a powerful illigal net, Adriana finds herself alone among the terror. Only Veronica, cought in the same condition, (тук какво си имал предвид с pole?) supports her. The Texas policeman Ray breaks into the organization too, because of his family, dead for the sake of the gun-runners. (и това изречение, ако мобе на бг да ми го напишеш). Ray and George forget any kind of cautiousness in a desperate attemp to protect Adriana from being sold in the enormous international criminal net.

03-31-2008, 13:14
a btw тоя ф8илм ми изглежда интересен, да взема да го изтегля..