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04-26-2008, 14:49
t1rsq kratko s14inenie i imam dosta temi ako moje nqkoi da mi pomogne pone s nqkoi ot tqh pls
a temite sa:
1.my favorite film(what kind of films do tou like best?what do you prefer:going to th cinema or watching films on tv/video?why?who are your favorite actors/actresses?what is your favorite film?when was it made?who is it directed by?who stars in it?what is it about?)
2.my favorite bookwhat sorts of book do you likereading?why?what is your favorite book?who is its autor?what kind of book is it(romance,historical novel,fantasy........)is it different in any way from othe books of this type?what is the book about?what are the main characters like?which character do you like best?which moment impressed you most while you wes reading the book?is there anything about he bookthat you didn't like?what do you think the future of book is?one dat,when you have children of your own ,will you try to motivate them to read books?if yes,how?
3.music(what kind of music do you like listening?what about your friends and classmates and family?give the names of pop groups and singers you like the most.what is it that you like about them?talk about their career in music
4.computers and the internet(do they influence our everyday ife and how?what are the advantages and disadvantages of having compuer at home?what do you imagine life would be like nowadays if computers hadn't been invented?
5.mobile phones(pros and cons.anecessity wecannot do without?anexpensive gadget we use to show off?just another way to get access to internet(and games)
6.pollution(what are the main causes for pollution globally?what can be done to stop or at least to reduce the pollution?what can you personally do to help to save the invironment?
e-mail:mimi_717crdsa_1993 :-) :-) :-)

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04-26-2008, 19:44
Напиши по нещо на български, аз ще ти го преведа на английски. ;)

04-27-2008, 07:03
Computer – advantages and disadvantages
Almost every home, office, or school has a computer of some kind these days. It may seems at first that having a computer brings only benefits, but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantages.

First of all computers are very useful at school. It helps students to revise for tests or exams and makes subjects more interesting. Pupils can also learn new vocabulary and gramatic structures.

Furthermore it allown students to become familiar with operating a computer and gain basic computer skills.
What is more people can save a lot of time by using a computers. This is especially beneficial in the workplace where employees can do their work faster than they could in the past.

In addition to this storing information on a computer disks is one of the most officient ways of keeping data. One computer disk can hold the same amount of information as several books. Moreover people can communicate with other computer owners through the internet, which offers nowdays everything from making freecalls from foreign countries to doing shoping.

On the other hand many jobs have been lost due to the fact that computer can do a lot of tasks more officiently than humans. This has led to high unemployment in many countries. What is more kids if left unsuprised would spend all of their time playing games on the computer rather than using it for educational purpose.

Furthermore some people when working from home with computer are far more likely to feel cut off from rest of the world. If children are sitting in front of the screen all day, they do not learn to share, wait they turn, or even something as simples as manners.

Moreover children might be using the internet to acces pornographic material. Children are also easy target for sexual affenders who chat online with them and then make plans to meet them or slowly filter information about them.

Also freuqent and prolonged computer session may pose physical health. Risks especially for children. The most frequently cited are visual strain, harmful effects of radiation and posture and skeletal problems.

04-27-2008, 16:21
ama pravilno li 6te go pzevede6?

04-27-2008, 16:29
Защо наистина не напишеш нещо на български и някой от нас ще ти го преведе?

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04-27-2008, 19:06
Спортът винаги е бил важен за развитието на човешкия организъм.Тои спомага за развитието на мусколите ,а ако се занимаваш професионално със спорт това може да ти донесе и големи приходи.
В България спортът не се толерира много,именно за това и футболното ни и другите ни първенства са на такова ниско ниво.Нe,защото нямаме добри футболисти,напротив,имаме( ербатов,М.Петров,Ст.Петров. ....),но неможем да ги задържим.
Подобна е и ситоацията с волейбола.Националния ни отбор е един от наи добрите в света ,но почти всички национали играят в чужбина.Има дори и българи,които играят за други национални отбори.Въпреки,че сме едни от наи-добрите в волейбола ние нямаме дори и една хубава,представителна волейволна зала.
В Великобритания нештата стоят по друг начин.Футболното им първенство е наи-силното в Европа,следователно и в света.Доказателство за това е,че тази година,както и миналата година,3 англ. отбора достигнаха до полуфиналите в наи-силното клубно първенство-Шампионската лига.
Един от тях е и отборът на който аз съм фенка,наи-добрия футболен клуб в света,с наи-добрите футболисти-МANCHESTER UNITED.Именно в МANCHESTER UNITED е и любимият ми футболист-КРИСТИАНО РОНАЛДО.Въпреки,че е едва на 23 год. тои има много добра техника.Стилът му е просто невероятен,а с топка в краката си тои просто прави чудеса.РОНАЛДО е спечелил много клубни и още повече индивидуални отлочия.Просто невероятен футболист.
Лично аз не мога да играя футбол,но обожавам да гледам,особенно когато отборите са добри и играят атрактивен футбол.За сметка на това много обичам да играя волейбол и винаги когато имам свободно време излизам навън и спортувам.Препоръчвам на всички да го правят.

04-28-2008, 16:19
The sport has always been important for the growth of the human's organism. The sport helps for the development of the muscles, and if you sport professionaly this could bring you large earnings.
In Bulgaria the sport isn't much tolerated, and that's why our football and other championships are on such a low level. It is not because we don't have good footballers, just the other way about, we have (Berbatov, M. Petrov, St. Petrov). It's just that we don't know how to keep them in Bulgaria.
The situation with the volleyball is the same. Our national team is one of the best teams in the world, but almost all nationals (не съм сигурна за нациаонали) play abroad. There are even bulgarians who play for other national teams. Although we are one of the best in the volleyball sport, we don't have even one nice, luxury hall for matches.
In GB (Great Britain) the situation is different. Their football championship is the strongest in Europe, therefore in the whole world. The evidence is that this and the last year, three english teams went to the semi-finals in the strongest football championship - the Champions League. One of those teams is my favourite - the best football club in the world, with the best footballers - Manchester United. Manchester United is where my favourite football player plays, and this is Christianno Ronaldo (провери името). Though he is only 23 years old, he has very good tehnique. His style is incredible, and he does miracle with the ball in his legs. Ronaldo has won many club and individual prizes. He is a legend. (тук промених малко смисъла, надявам се да съм права :) )
Personally I can't play football, but I enjoy watching matches, especially when there are good teams, playing atractive football. At the expense of that I really like playing volleyball and when I have some free time I always go out and do sport. I recommend you to do the same.

Надявам се да е вярно и да ти свърши добра работа ;) !