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02-12-2009, 14:13
The most disastrous evening has happened to my friend Peter.
One evening he invite Daiana to a dinner in restaurant "Prima". After a while the waiter came to take their order. They have been waiting for the order for about an hour and then they asked the waiter is something had happened and why they had been so late. The waiter excused and said that he forgot about it. 20 minutes later he brought the food and excused again.
Then my friend Peter decided to fill his girlfriend's glass because he wanted to propose a toast to their relationship. Unfortunately he spill the wine on his girlfriend's dress. Next when she started eating she found a black-beetle in her salad. She was disgusted and they decided to went out. Finally while he accompanied Daiana to her home and hold her by the hand he slipped and fell down. Daiana also let down and broke her leg.
When my friend Peter told me all of this I couldn't believe. I wished myself never to have such a disastrous evening.

сигурно е пълно с грешки но много моля каквото можете поправете