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02-13-2009, 08:52
Здравейте на всички.Както сте разбрали от заглавието спешно ми трябва есе на английски език.Темата е "Професията,която искам да работя".Ако някой може да напише 5-6 изречения или повече, нямам претенции за каква професия ще е.Предварително благодаря на всички,които ще ми помогнат.

02-13-2009, 10:28
Doctors and patients communication

Doctors and patients have difficulty communicating. And the communication between them is virtually impossible. This is thus because patients want to know what is happen whit him, but doctors used compound words. And patients don’t understand them. I can’t defend neither the doctors nor the patient. Because I have been in two sides.

When I was about nine years I was ill and came in a hospital. The doctors came in my hospital room in a large group, everybody asked you different questions, the nurses came in and came out of the room, and nobody said what had happened to you. There were good and bad doctors. I have one who always was angry. He was a stuffed shirt. My father was worried and he was a rolling stone and he constantly press the hospital ball. And nurses and doctors were at the mercy of their bleeper-forever shutting between the clinics and operation theatre, the hospital rooms and the administration. And they didn’t answer of your questions. We patients were displeased about this. And we though the doctors often seem to be avoid us.

In a few years later I became a doctor. I tried to be very kind whit my patients But there were displeased one. Patients asked many questions and often they cumbered of our work. And in this way the hospital began to seem at a sea. When we were so kind and frankly whit them and they waited to see the real doctor. And doctors begin to think of the patients as the enemy. I understand patients they just interested about their health. But often they are nosy parker an ask unduly questions. And doctors have to not only give a diagnosis , recommend medicines and also charming and frankly as well.

I think patients and doctors have to more patience and to understand each other .In this way they may be communicate better.

If I could any job, anywhere in the world
In my opinion job is something, which you want to work with pleasure. You must choose it, because your choice for job and career is not only for a day or a month. When you start to work you should convinced that is the perfect job for you and job will provide you pleasure every day.
If I could any job, anywhere in the world I will choose to be a hotel manager of a big hotel chain for all over the world. A hotel manager oversees all of a hotel’s daily operations, from staffing to coordinating fresh-cut flowers for the lobby.I want to work this job because this is a chance for me to travel all around the world and to get to know many countries. I will learn more than one or two languages. I will get to know the folklore of many countries about their customs, holidays and etc. If I worked like a hotel manager I would meet people from all over the world.
As a hotel manager I will have many duties. I should manage and organize the all the activities about reception, put up at hotel and servicing tourist. I should control quality of offering service, to organize and control repairs and modernize of the hotels. I should take on work and discharge people. I should control finances of hotels and organize advertisement and marketing activities.
As a hotel manager I will responsible for the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff and i have commercial accountability for planning, organising and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, concierge, reservation), banqueting and housekeeping.
I realized that this job is very difficult and demand much work.But this is my dream and if I have a chance to work as a hotel manager I will accept immediately.

Тези есета не са много по темата,но дано да ти свършат работа.

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Ако това не ти помогне използвай този речник за да го преведеш

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Благодаря ви много. :grin: