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02-18-2009, 19:57
имам да напиша съчинение по Английски на тема ''Has yor town changed?'' .. нещо кратичко сега сигурно ще кажете седни си го напиши сама ние нито знаем в кой град живееш нито нищо .. но вижте то промените главно са индивидуални за всички градове тя госпожата даде примери там да напишем че преди е имало малки магазинчета а сега супермаркети .. незнам си кво .. но просто не ме бива да пиша съчинения .. по точните науки съм ;д Айде помагайте : ) целувки и мерси предварително :-)

02-18-2009, 21:02

Fresh mountain air,century-old woods, crystal-clear rivulets, modern architecture elegantly blending in with the stunning beauty of Revival houses – Tryavna is synonymous with all these.
The town is situated in Central Bulgaria.Placed along the northern slopes of the Tryavna Balkan Mountain and Fore-Balkans.At a short distance are the towns-Gabrovo,Dryanovo,Plachkovci and Kazanlak.You can get there by train ,by car or by bus. The town lies halfway the Sofia-Varna route (250 km. away from each), 170 km. from Plovdiv, 219 km. from Bourgas and 130 km. from Rouse. The railway line linking North to South Bulgaria runs trough it. Daily trains and buses connect Tryavna with all Bulgaria.
Even today Tryavna emanates the spirit of its forefathers famous builders, woodcarvers and icon-painters. The old town has been declared an architectural reservation, which has approximately 140 monuments of Revival architecture within its bounds. Tryavna has the only truly authentic Revival town square architectural set preserved in Bulgaria. In addition to the other major public buildings of cultural significance, Dyado Nikola Square hosts the Clock Tower, built in 1844. The Tower and the Hunched Bridge built in 1845 are the most prominent landmarks of the town.
If you want to see all Bulgariq you will not forget to visit Tryavna.There are many hotels, country houses and rest-house for one night or one mount if you liked the town.Climate and nature is good for old people and little children. If I were live there I would spend all my day in the mountain,close the nature .
There you can visit Important monuments of culture like Popangelov House, Assumption of the Virgin Church , P.R. Slaveykov Street, Museums- Daskalov museum-house , Museum of icon-painting and wood-curving , Slaveykov museum-house .Or if you want you can make your own Souvenires in some of the art gallery or in craftshops.
Before tree years I visited Tryavna.In my opinion the town is nice and people threre are save the old and Bulgarian national revival spirit.

02-18-2009, 21:03
My town has indeed changed. Before you could go out and not notice the changes in landscape as you strode. The streets, buildings and even the people looked the same. Nowadays, it's a whole another story. Everywhere you look is a variety of colours, shapes, and styles. New constructions are now erected up to the sky, hiding the sun. Today the picture is very different from what it used to be, and it's as if I'm living someplace else.