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09-30-2009, 21:03
The Toy Store

Welcome children
To my store
Come on in
Into the door
Make yourself at home

Enter now
And you will find
All your dreams in one
Laugh in joy
Scream in pain
Until your soul is gone...

Pick your poison...
Erm,your toy
Take what you desire
Trust me now
It won`t be long
Until you are on fire...

Because you see
To what you knee
Is what I have become

A mind controller
Demonic brawler
And I am undone

What I believe
Is you must die
You must become none

Alone I roamed
At leasi `til now
Now you`ll help me kill

Satisfy my need for death
I`ll destroy
And steal

`Til nothing`s left
Of what you were
I am now your sire

Your laughter gone
Your lifes are done
Demise is my desire

Your laughter gone
Your lifes are done
Nothing left inside

All to do
Is open up
The store of toys allure

But once you enter
No way out
There is no cure...

By The Mindless Destroyer for the unsuspecting world....

Ver 1.0 (Changes expected) :)

Ето поредната рожба на болният ми мозък...енджой....

09-30-2009, 22:28
На доста места звучи все едно си слагала думичките само за да се римуват.
А и забелязах няколко грешки в изразите.
Като цяло не ме кефи.