View Full Version : She's the one and only

12-17-2009, 20:42
When you feel her close to you
You think you're time is come
There's no ray of hope
the dreams have already died

It's so cold
you frozen
now you sorry
but it's too late
you know it

she's on her way
You ask why
you can't even cry
and this is the day
for you to die.

She smiles to you
so don't be afraid
She don't hate you
and won't hurt you.

Even if you've been good
she won't let you go
so look 'Calm down!'
and give her a hug.

Това не ми харесва много. Може да се получи по-добре, но пък ми подейства успокояващо и сега съм добре.
Коментирайте го. . .

12-20-2009, 15:37
Хареса ми. :)