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08-21-2010, 11:33
Дръпнах обобщение на "Тримата мускетари" на А.Дюма от английската уикипедия. С повечето се справих, но това което е тук не мога да го направя. Ако някой има малко време... :-) :-) :-)

[b]In the meantime, at La Rochelle, the Cardinal himself admires d'Artagnan's courage in the siege and suggests that M. de Treville admit him to the Musketeers. Thus, d'Artagnan's greatest dream comes true and he is extremely happy, for, in addition, the Queen has finally agreed to tell him where Constance is hiding: she is in a monastery near Bethune, in northern France. D'Artagnan and his friends depart for Bethune as soon as they are able.

Imprisoned in England, Milady seduces the hard-hearted Felton and convinces him not only to help her escape, but also to assassinate the Duke of Buckingham. While the na