View Full Version : Имам нужда от помощ ..

10-25-2010, 15:07
Моля ви помогнете ако можете ,че ми е много спешно за утре .
Трябва ми превод на английски на ето това


Моля ви ,ако някой може ще съм адски благодарна :) Може и на лично да ми пратите превода ..

10-25-2010, 16:59
Позанимавах се малко, дано съм ти помогнал, ако някой открие грешки, нека ме поправи :)


Стефан Кисьов

Night. Тwilight. Hotel Lounge. The employeer enters and sees the sleeping porter. Looks at him, walking back and forth, restless, lights a cigarette. Goes to the reception and take a book, read a little of it and drop it.

The employeer: I don't fell sleepy. Outside is night near the beach of the sea. Summer. Life runs at full force. Somewhere out there groan of pain, love or hatred. I'm here alone in the big hotel of the life. Administrator of human lives. People go off me and leave the keys to their rooms, then go out mix with other people also came from other hotels like this, go to the beach, restaurant or bar,bathe in the sea, lying on hot sand tan, tortured by longing, overwhelmed by passion,make love and I'm still here. Administrator of my own life. Why i live? Sometimes I don't know what I want. I know that i desire somthing, I must have it, to do it but i don't know what it is. Other times I think I've found the purpose - a woman, money, fame, art and generally indulge in any order! But always after some time I understand that it's not what I'm looking. And I have to start over! Rove cruel between some truths, trying to look which of them hides the meaning of life - and still can't find it! Why is it so difficult to realize the most important - meaning of my existence. Does he like hunger and whether we like him to run it with content and sutisfy it only for a while? Isn't it our own nature so arranged that her needs for true to be like the need of our stomach like people? What is my truth? What I'm searching? Fame? Love? Because what I'm willing to sacrifice if it's not my live then at least something really expensive? Did I act right when i choose or when o refuse to choose? Yes, I will die. And if a story is interesting, where is known in advance that her character can die, before it is over, then know that the history of all people is just one. They die before their history is over! Actually the human history have no end.