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Ако може някой да ми помогне .... :-o
Изобщо не разбирам от Английски ... :neutral:

3.Make as many sentences as you can.

1 drive / an hour --------- a. start raining
2 buy / souvenirs --------- b. ferry / arrive
3 wait / all morning --------- c. lose my passport
4 lie on / beach - -------- d. get / flat tyre
5 sleep / in tent -------- e. someone / steal / purse

01-12-2011, 13:22
1.1 I'd been driving for an hour when it started raining.
1.2 It started raining after an hour's drive.

2.1 As I was buying souvenirs, the ferry arrived.
2.2 I bought some souvenirs and the ferry arrived.

3.1 I waited all morning because I'd lost my passport.
3.2 I waited all morning just to lose my passport.

4.1 I lay on the beach because I'd gotten a flat tyre.
4.2 I'm going to lie on the beach until my tyre gets flat.

5.1 Someone must've stolen my purse while I was sleeping in the tent.
5.2 While I was sleeping in the tent, someone stole my purse.

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Благодаря ти много :::

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Трябва ми съчинение по Английски ..
Ето текста:
The most famous irish myth is abouth the 'little people' or leprechauns.They hide in the coutrry and people don't often see them. The Irish say, 'Fallow a leprechaun and he'll take you to a pot of gold.'
Irish dancing has been popular for years all over world, thanks to Riverdance. Riverdance has parformed more than 4.500 shows to twelve million people in twenty-one coutries since 1996, To Irish dance,you have to move ypur legs and feet, but not your arms!
The Republic of Ireland occupies eighty-five percent of Ireland - the other part is called Northern Ireland (and it is part of the United Kingdom). There are three colors in the Irish flag - green for Ireland, orange for Northeen Ireland and white for pleace between the two coutries. The republic of Ireland has been problems in Northern Ireland for many years - but there has been peace since 1997.
People have lived in ireland for four thousand years. From 1845 to 1849 there was terrible famine in Ireland and a million irish people died and two emigrated.The Irish emigranted to eighty different coutries, espacially the USA. Forty million Americans say they come from Irish families.
There are only 3.9 million people in ireland, but there are a lot of worls-famous musicians - U2, Boyzone, Westlife, the Corrs, The Cranbarries, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor. Thirty-seven percent of the Irish are under twenty-five and they like their rock music!