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10-22-2017, 15:08
Здравейте! Както стана ясно от заглавието имам нужда от вашата помощ. Трябва да науча наизуст долупосоченият текст по английски като извлека най-важната информация като го съкратя малко. Но не мога , седя от час и някак си не мога да го преразкажа по по-прост и улеснен за разказване начин. Трябва да спомена, че ми липсват и думи, и граматика, явно затова ми е също толкова трудно. Ще съм страшно благодарна, в случай че някой добър по английски ми помогне и съкрати текста, за да не го уча напълно дословно. Благодаря!

Is it chess? Or is it boxing? Is it chess? Or is it boxing?It’s fi ght night in a Berlin club. The lights
go down, the door opens and out walks a salesman from San Francisco. David ‘Double D’ Depto has travelled 8,000 kilometres in search of glory. As he fi rst walks, then jogs, towards the boxing ring, the muscular, bare-chested American looks cool and confi dent. But so does his opponent. Waiting for him in the blue corner is Frank Stoldt, a tall, strong German policeman, who calls himself ‘Anti-Terror Frank’. For obvious reasons, the crowd is on his side. The bell rings. Round one! The fi ghters come out. But then, something rather strange happens. The two players sit down at a table which has a chessboard on it and start playing
chess – in the middle of the boxing ring. ‘Why?’ you may ask yourself. Well, this is chessboxing, and tonight is the fi nal of the
first chessboxing World Championship. The rules of a chessboxing match are simple. There is one round of chess and then one round of boxing. Punching power alternates with brain power. (And if you’re wondering how they can move the pieces with their boxing gloves on, well, they take them off before the rounds of chess.) All in all, you have 11 rounds in which to checkmate your opponent – or knock him out. Two sports in one means double the pain, and double the pressure. Before this big fight, Frank spent hours doing exercises that prepared his mind as well as his muscles. Winners in chessboxing are people whose mental strength equals their physical strength. But why do it in the first place? Why put yourself through this physical and mental torture? For David Depto, it’s all about proving that you can be a boxer and still have a brain. ‘Everybody thinks that boxers aren’t very clever, which isn’t necessarily true,’ says David. ‘When you combine chess and boxing,it shows that fighters can be smart people, and that smart people can be tough.’ The sport has taken off in Germany, where they are preparing the next generation of chessboxing champions. It’s even being taught in a Berlin school. ‘My mum said I should learn boxing for self-defence,’ a
ten-year-old pupil says. ‘I just love the way you can combine it with chess.’ Back in the ring, it is round seven and the players are locked in battle around the chessboard, sweat pouring from their foreheads. Suddenly, Frank Stoldt sees an opening and moves in to fi nish the match. Queen to G7... checkmate! The referee stops the match, the crowd erupts – the local hero has won and is given the world title belt, which proves that, when it comes to mixing brains and muscle, Germany really is the Grand Master.

10-22-2017, 16:34
Нямаше нужда да го спамиш. :)