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01-15-2018, 19:24
A Break Before Studies

You worked hard for your exams, handed 31) …. your last piece of homework, 32) …. for university – and then what? Many students in the UK decide to go on holiday in the summer after their exams while they are waiting for their 33) …. . There are many different options. Some leave soon after their exams and 34) …. months travelling with a backpack. Some 35) …. off for the beach, with only tanning and swimming to think about. Others want more adventure 36) …. that they have a story to tell. Others volunteer to help build a school or teach English abroad.
One group of friends can 37) …. wait to finish. Olivia 38 ) …. that they all go on a working holiday in France. Rob said that he would need to scrimp and 39) …. for a few weeks or ask his parents for money. Ellie agreed and said she wanted to have a great summer even if she 40) …. her exams. Ben said he would like to work at a 41) …. because he likes the outdoors. They want to have fun before settling 42) …. and starting their lives. Parents worry and want to make sure their children are 43) …. and sound, but many young people see this holiday as a way of breaking free. This kind of experience is an important part of 44) …. . They learn to be more independent before they start studying for a 45) …. at university.

31 A/down B/out C/in D/up
32 A/applied B/left C/dropped out D/graduated
33 A/passes B/marks C/results D/grades
34 A/go B/spend C/pass D/do
35 A/set B/drop C/leave D/wave
36 A/since B/because C/for D/so
37 A/really B/hardly C/mostly D/surely
38 A/suggested B/promised C/explained D/denied
39 A/lend B/take C/borrow D/save
40 A/passed B/took C/failed D/messed
41 A/cinema B/nightclub C/penthouse D/campsite
42 A/up B/down C/into D/on
43 A/saved B/secure C/unharmed D/safe
44 A/growing up B/behaving well C/being valued D/joining in
45 A/certification B/diploma C/qualification D/degree

Directions: Circle the answer (A, B, C or D) which best completes each sentence.

36 Adam .… very shy as a child, but now he’s a confident young man.
A would be C had been
B was being D used to be

37 The train .… minutes before we got to the station.
A had left C has left
B was leaving D would be leaving

38 George’s neighbours threatened .… the police if he didn’t turn the music down.
A calling C they called
B to call D to calling

39 Amanda told us she .… her French exam the previous week.
A had taken C would take
B took D has taken

40 Bill .… in the park when it started to rain.
A jogged C has been jogging
B had jogged D was jogging