But I can afk it all weekend while performing other crap. By that logic that this portable is crap b/c you can not afk prawnbrokers with RuneScape gold it. You are still able to get 99 at a reasonable timeframe utilizing the portables. Beach event stuff is not only half of optimal xp or something, it's like 20-25percent at best. Most casual players would take slower AFK over cliking the display every second.

RS3 seasonal events are a joke

They're the exact same structure over and over and revolve around a single thing: XP (and garbage cosmetics, and trying to encourage people to buy MTXs to increase what the xp they get out of this event) the entire point of seasonal events is just to bypass actually playing the sport and grinding and only getting xp from clicking something. All of all rs3 boils down to just xp. It is roughly as two-dimensional as a game can be, there's nothing interesting or fun about it. Osrs actually regularly adds fun content selected by players. I remember when the Arc came out on rs3, I was super excited about it before I found it was only a graphically impressive new place with more items to click for xp.The Comments for Your RuneScape skilling Manager is abysmal

Tbh I believed all ascension bosses the game. Despite their somewhat humanist mechanisms, they still are just the ascension dungeon reskin bosses. Their mechanisms and rewards are for the most part different. What are the various mechanics? Every dino has distinct mechanics - baits, motion, environment protection/detection along with other things. It gets more complicated with more dinos from the experience. Those aren't mechanics. The miniature game is the same for every dinosaur. Steer clear of the large circle, get the very same tools for the snare and then bait it to kill the dinosaur. You utilise the specific same strategy and strategy for every dinosaur. A little visual difference for the bait thing is not a mechanic!

Absolutely not true if you don't believe the Daganoth Kings aren't bosses and have no mechanics. You also neglected to realize the motions, security and range of dinos are different, not only the baits. Folks are not in favor of it, yes, but they're being mostly constructive. A ton of folks like the concept, but need a bit of a revamp. Skilling bosses are quite meh ngl, and I am sure the vast majority of people probably wouldn't do them for long on cheap RS gold, it's not like they are super popular on osrs from what I remember.